The “National workshop on ICT-based self-training and self education for the benefit of ICTs specialists in charge of literacy” inaugurated on September 30th 2019, and has been successfully implemented in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
This workshop jointly conducted and implemented by ISESCO Regional Office in Tehran and Bangladesh National Commission for UNESCO and ISESCO in the framework of ISESCO action plan.
The National workshop has provided an opportunity to discuss the literacy strategies for the future use of ICT in literacy and adult education and 30 participants from the non-formal education sectors from Dhaka and outside Dhaka participated in the workshop.
The Specific objectives of the workshop were:
• To reinforce literacy specialists’ ICT skills, especially in face-to-face and distance ICT-based self -training and self-education;
• To ensure a greater contribution of ICTs in the field of literacy;
• To integrate Technology changes in literacy programs and strategies using various technologies and tools.