The University of Tehran and ICESCO conducted the first International Conference on Digital Ethics and Cyber Space, hosted by the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies, on February 19, 2024.

The conference aimed to underscore the importance of fostering ethical conduct in virtual realms and harnessing professional ethics expertise to address societal challenges posed by digital platforms.

A number of high-ranking authorities from the University of Tehran, distinguished elites, scholars, academics, and students took part in this conference.

As a representative of ICESCO, Prof. Dr. Rahil Qamar, Head of the Department of Science and Technology at ICESCO, delivered the message of ICESCO. He emphasized the transformative potential of AI across various sectors, including healthcare and privacy preservation, and advocated for increased investment in AI technologies to tackle pressing global issues.

Subsequently, representatives from the Vatican and UNESCO shared their insights on digital ethics and cyberspace during the event.

The conference concluded with specialized sessions and a question-and-answer session, providing participants with opportunities for further discussion and collaboration on digital ethics and cyberspace challenges.